Saying it with flowers

The opening ceremony for the London Olympics seemed to raise more political/ideological issues than usual. Which is a good thing.

But this was one result. The anonymous placing of flowers at the grave of Emmeline Pankhurst in West Brompton cemetery near Earl’s Court in West London. She was a leader of the British suffragette movement which helped women win the right to vote.

Not in response to Danny Boyle’s amazing presentation itself (although it did include this among other humanitarian issues) – but to the fact that for the first time all the competing teams include a female athlete.

What a nice thought!

Thanks to tweeted about the flowers.

One response to “Saying it with flowers

  1. Ben Carswell

    As you say, the Olympics Opening Ceremony raised numerous issues. I found it powerful & impressive. This blog link is the most helpful comment I’ve read on it so far.


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