A Kiwi makes it to Mars!

Forget optical illusions like the human face on Mars. That was observed from orbit and you had to hold your mouth right – not to mention the light direction.
But Curiosity is much closer to the ground. It has amazing equipment and excellent cameras.

And they have now seen a Kiwi!

Here’s the high-resolution photographic evidence (click to enlarge and look down at the left side, 1/3 the way up).

This was reported locally (of course) by Stuff at Kiwi Sighting On Mars | Nasa Rover Curiosity. The report says:

There aren’t many places intrepid Kiwi travellers haven’t set foot on in this world and now they’re moving on to others.

A New Zealander following the travels of Nasa’s Mars rover Curiosity has unearthed possible evidence of a Kiwi hiding on the red planet.

Ned Walker, a New Zealander living in Australia, said he was surprised at the find, but it was unmistakable.

“I have a huge interest in the Mars Curiosity Rover and I like to look at the raw images Nasa uploads onto its site each day from the rover’s cameras.

‘‘I was amazed to find in today’s raw images what can only be described a Kiwi.”

Walker thought the “monumental find”, would be of interest to all New Zealanders.”

Nasa’s online publication of the Kiwi picture.

2 responses to “A Kiwi makes it to Mars!

  1. Pareidolia is fun … as long as you don’t take it seriously.


  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    (now you know I can play nice)


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