Are you offended yet?

Loved this from a commenter on The Sensuous Curmudgeon’s recent post How Librarians Classify Creationism. Apparently his favourite librarian had a sign prominently displayed in the library which reads:


On the same subject – ever notice how those who are most offended usually seem oblivious to the offence they cause others? If you haven’t already seen this video you will enjoy how Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard puts the leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, in his place over the offence he has caused many Australian women.

Julia Gillard’s Speech Over Oppon’s Sexism, Misogyny

4 responses to “Are you offended yet?

  1. Julia Gillard was brilliant. She really took the Mickey out of that Mad Monk, Tony Abbott. He did not look at all happy during that speech.

    It must be remember that Abbott is a brainwashed product of the Jesuits at “Riverview” . He would be known as a Short Robe Jesuit. Furthermore he is the willing puppet of George Cardinal “Go To Hell ” PELL.


  2. Absolutely compelling viewing. Heading for 500k Youtube views.

    Malcolm Fraser will be either laughing….or crying, that his Liberal party has fallen into the hands of such trash.


  3. Nine different colours of awesome. Rock solid speech.


  4. Audrey Evermore

    Word on the street in London is that she took New York by storm recently.! The most sort after dinner guest. She is hot !


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