The elephant in the US elections

Hurricane Sandy and the Climate ConnectionThere seems to have been a “gentlemen’s agreement” that the issue of climate change be avoided in the US Presidential debates. The elephant in the room had become a non-issue. And then along came the super-storm Sandy.

This video from shows how Sandy has made Romney’s disparaging comments about the climate issue look silly.

Romney vs. Sandy

And it seems that while the candidates have kept mum on the issue the voters are raising it themselves. This video shows Romney and his supporters really do want to silence the people’s concern on this issue.

Mitt Romney vs. Climate Protester – YouTube.

However, the storm seems to have done something the politicians couldn’t do – make discussion of climate change acceptable. As the storm approached landfall news of it became more important than election news. Now, after the storm, there is a growing public awareness that these extreme events may actually already be occurring more often because of climate change. As the International Business Times wrote Sandy Pushes Climate Change To Forefront At Election Finish Line.

Of course, the climate change deniers are working hard to dig up historical example of extreme storms. They think these “prove” that climate change cannot be behind Sandy. But they are attempting to hide the real issue which is not about specific or direct causes – but about the frequency of extreme weather events. Those once a century disasters now seem to have become once a decade.

It seems that while climate scientists can’t prove direct links between climate change and Sandy a number of the factors which came together were amplified by climate change. Factors like the sea level rise, effects of melting ice in the Arctic and the increase in sea surface temperatures.

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2 responses to “The elephant in the US elections

  1. Climate deniers fail regularly at statistics.
    They don’t understand what “statistical significance” means.
    They can’t wrap their head around the concept of cherry-picking.
    They have no idea how to read a chart accurately and spot a trend.

    Rachel Maddow and Bill Nye – Climate Change Mental Gymnastics/Basketball


  2. Mind you, Cedric, I don’t think it is simple ignorance in some cases.

    I have had deniers swear black and blue that climate change has stopped, warming has stopped – or stopped 15 years ago, because their trend line is almost zero. They use all sorts of mental gymnastics when the fact that the 95% significance levels are large enough to include the recent estimates of rate of warming is pointed out to them.

    But on the other hand when they do find a data set where the variation is small enough to give a more reliable estimate close to zero – suddenly they start quoting “error bars” or giving + or – figures.

    They just aren’t honest.


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