At last – Moving Naturalism Forward videos

Participants in conferences and workshops all seem to use laptops these days. So I find myself trying to establish if Apple or Windows dominate when I watch videos of these meetings. It seems to vary according to the subject. I think Apple dominates at this meeting.

Moving Naturalism Forward workshop

Sean Carroll has announced that videos from the October Moving Naturalism Forward workshop are now on-line (see Moving Naturalism Forward: Videos and Recap). See my posts Moving Naturalism Forward and Reports from the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop for more information on the workshop.

There are ten videos of about an hour-and-a-half each. I haven’t watched any of them yet – but plan to get started this weekend.

You can find all the videos at the Workshop web-site.

Sean describes the workshop this way:

The format of the meeting was a relatively small group of people sitting around a table and discussing things. Each session had someone say something to kick things off, but in general the discussion was central, not formal presentations. Participants included Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Terrence Deacon, Simon DeDeo, Daniel Dennett, Owen Flangan, Rebecca Goldstein, Janna Levin, Massimo Pigliucci, David Poeppel, Nicholas Pritzker, Alex Rosenberg, Don Ross, Steven Weinberg, and me. A good cross-section of philosophers, physicists, biologists, and assorted other specialties. From start to finish the conversation was lively, informative, and at a very high level.


Nicholas Pritzker, who helped support the workshop, attended the sessions as a participant. Jennifer Ouellette also attended some of the sessions. Richard Dawkins had to leave early on the second day, due to travel complications caused by Hurricane Sandy. Hilary Bok, Patricia Churchland, and Lisa Randall were scheduled to attend but each had to cancel for different reasons.

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7 responses to “At last – Moving Naturalism Forward videos

  1. HappyEvilSlosh

    “I find myself trying to establish if Apple or Windows dominate”

    I use a laptop that externally looks like a Windows PC but I run GNU/Linux and have done exclusively for almost 10 years now. Given GNU/Linux can also be set up on Macs to answer that question I think you’d have to run around and have a look at the OS they’re using. 😉

    TBH given the philosophy behind free software ( ) I wish people, especially at skeptics conferences, weren’t so content with their walled gardens (aka Macs, and to a lesser extend Windows). But c’est la vie.


  2. OT somewhat, sorry.

    Are you planning on promoting the Atheist Census project that is running again? Less that 200 entries from NZ so far but some interesting stats. I’m hoping we can get the number of women up, currently sitting on >70% men at the moment.


  3. Haven’t quite caught up with this yet Darcy.

    Is anyone else locally promoting it?


  4. Haven’t seen anything local yet. But yours is about the only local blog I follow that covers this kind of thing so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that.


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  7. I don’t know if the videos were edited as it was indicated at the end that they might be, but I was surprised that, having decided that the world is basically deterministic and that only some sort of compatibilist explanation of free will had any merit at all, nobody outlined the implications of this for criminal justice systems.


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