Australia’s “New Normal?”

Sometimes the local climate change deniers/sceptics/contrarians behave as if they aren’t on the same planet as the rest of us. Well, perhaps that’s a bit extreme – but they do sometimes seem to at least be in a different hemisphere. While we are currently sweltering in New Zealand, and Australia is burning, they are scanning Northern Hemisphere newspapers trying to find headlines about local snow, record low temperatures, etc!

For  a while there they did start to discuss the Tasmanian fires – but what do you know? Temperatures were ignored – instead they were blaming the fires on the Australian Green Party (see Greens win, so Tasmania burns)! (Rather supports the idea that climate change denial is motivated by right wing politics).

Of course it’s easy to pontificate on local weather and temperature records (high and low) and cherry pick data to suite one’s prejudices. But as the New York Times recently pointed out the effect of climate change has been to increase the frequency of extreme weather and temperature, rather than cause specific examples (see Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide).

Anyway, just to underline the local extremes here’s a climate change infographic produced by the GetUp Action for Australia Campaign. (see GetUp! – Our New Normal).


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10 responses to “Australia’s “New Normal?”

  1. It beggars belief that they still cling so resolutely to their position and when I read the link about blaming greens for the fires…..


  2. pjclutterbuck

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  3. Climate deniers have blood on their hands and it will only get worse.
    The sick thing is that their own extended families are going to suffer along with the rest of us. There is no safe zone that will magically escape. There won’t be some mega/super/ futurististic city inside a bubble that will preserve humanity and civilization. Once the system goes, that’s it.
    We have one planet and one fragile ecosystem and we are shitting all over it and smiling happilly to ourselves as we do so.
    Drought is…not good. It takes food of the table.
    How hard can that be to understand?
    Oceans becoming acidic is…not good. It stresses the food chain that we exploit.
    The greatest cities in the world live right on the seafront.
    Yet they don’t get it. NASA and every single scientific community on the planet is somehow a vast commie conspiracy so blah, blah, blah etc.
    Stupid, stupid,brain-dead old fat white men.

    Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds


  4. joe from Australia

    as if Get up have any credibility!


  5. joe from Australia

    Oh also i should say,why you lot cherry pic weather events?What about pre 1900’s?Pre 1800’s?


  6. joe from Australia


  7. Let me slow it down for you, joe from Australia.
    You are a moron.
    Did that get your attention?
    Now listen!
    It’s not about “Get Up”.
    It’s about NASA and every single scientific community on the planet.
    Not “some” scientific communities. Not “most” scientific communities.
    It’s all of them. All of them.

    Oh also i should say,why you lot…

    No, joe from Australia. It’s not “you lot”.
    It’s NASA.
    NASA and every single scientific community on the planet.
    All of them.

    …why you lot cherry pic weather events?…

    No,joe from Australia. NASA and every single scientific community on the planet do not cherry-pick weather events. Doesn’t happen. It’s not the way science works.
    NASA didn’t lie to you about the moon landings and they are not lying to you now about climate change. There is no spooky-wooky global conspiracy.
    No need to take my word for it either.
    Just ask NASA. It’s all there in plain English.


  8. Joe from Aussie – who the hell is “you lot?”

    And wasn’t my point that it is the local climate change deniers are currently cherry picking – bit from the northern hemisphere. They move wih the seasons.


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