No immutable truths, no eternal dogmas

Like this quote from Bertrand Russell.

I don’t think anyone understands science if they don’t appreciate this quote.


8 responses to “No immutable truths, no eternal dogmas

  1. That opposes faith no matter how defined!
    Haughty John Haught adumbrates how blind faith can lead to horrors ,maintaining that faith envelopes ones entire being for the better, whilst Alister Earl McGrath maintains that first, believers find the evidence and then use faith for certitude; both ways conflict with Russell’s dictum, ensconsing believers in such that both definitions end in being just blind faith! Please remark about this!


  2. My essay on revered ignorance embraces his dictum. Both blogs embrace modern rationalism and empiricism.


  3. cartoon comparisons of science and mathematics

    mathematics is the most “pure” according to xkcd and is entirely based on axioms (dogmas)


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