Something for all those lapsed catholics

I keep running into lapsed catholics. They seem to be everywhere – and usually they are nice people.

There’s something about being lapsed which gives you a sense of humour.

But I wonder how many have tried to formalise their position. After all, there are all sorts of people out there who might lay claim to your soul, or some of your assets, after your death if you don’t.

Well, don’t worry – there’s now an app for that – the Excommunication app.

And apparently it does work – I have that on good authority.

Seems to be a pretty straightforward way of settling one of those things that may have hung over you for years.

View Excommunication app in iTunes preview

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7 responses to “Something for all those lapsed catholics

  1. Hey have you got any apps for a lapsed atheist? I used to be atheist but I’m not anymore, I found that it was a rather sad and lonely existence. As you are aware, church is where the women are after all.

    Looking forward to that lapsed atheist app.



  2. What is a “lapsed atheist”? Is English your second language or something or are you just really thick?


  3. Klem, I can’t imagine what formalities a lapsed atheist would have to go through. There are no specific organisations to formally be excommunicated from, are there?

    You do provide a common motive for religious participation though – social contact. It does seem to be the one thing it can a provide. However, in this day and age most people have numerous avenues for social contact and meaning.

    As for the women, isn’t that a bit pathetic? Like men, they are everywhere.


  4. klem is being cheeky.

    You are a bit of a cheeky darky eh klem?


  5. “As for the women, isn’t that a bit pathetic? Like men, they are everywhere.”

    True, but remember the average church congregation is comprised of about 70% females (and easily half the males don’t want to be there). So without female participation, most christian organizations would fail. Over the years I’ve learned that religion speaks to women in ways that men do not understand. I used to tell women I was atheist, I did not get many dates. Now that I’m going to church again, my date schedule is rather busy, I get dates now with women that have nothing to do with my church. Connections through word of mouth only. I don’t fully understand it but it appears to me that alot of women like men who go to church. Like I say religion speaks to women in ways that men do not understand.

    I live in N America, I don’t know what a cheeky darky is. Sounds interesting though.


  6. The term “cheeky darky” was used by the late NZ broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes, who used the term to describe Kofi Annan.


  7. (…googles…)
    Something of a controversial figure


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