Collapse of Arctic sea ice

News that Russian scientist had to evacuate a scientific research station based on an ice floe – North Pole-40 –  is another sign of how climate change is influencing the Arctic (see Floating research station in need of evacuation). The researchers had intended to stay until September but the floe started to break up earlier this month.

This short video from Climate Denial Crock of the Week illustrates how Arctic ice has decreased over the period 1979 – 2012.

Arctic Sea Ice Collapse 1979-2012 (PIOMAS)

Thanks to Arctic 2013.

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2 responses to “Collapse of Arctic sea ice

  1. climatebob

    Most tipping points are long term but the loss of sea ice in the North Pole could have a very fast and disastrous affect on the weather. The Polar ice has reduced to 3.5 million square kilometers and if it goes down to 1 Million it might as well be considered ice free.. It is already affecting the weather in the USA, Europe, Russia and China and if it gets worse it will make farming and food production very difficult.


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