Richard Dawkins learns about the Bible

This isn’t the usual subject for videos of Richard Dawkins. This time he is in discussion with John Huddleston, from the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina.

The discussion was recorded in March this year.

Found it far more interesting than I expected

A Conversation with Richard Dawkins and John Huddlestun

6 responses to “Richard Dawkins learns about the Bible

  1. I quite enjoyed the video myself – it could have even been a bit longer. It’s also interesting to hear the opinions of a person who clearly knows a lot about the Bible and doesn’t believe in it’s historicity.


  2. A agree – it’s quite refreshing compared with the usual treatment of the bible


  3. GordonHide

    I found it a pity that he didn’t enlarge on his very positive assertion that Jesus was a historical character. This after having admitted the limitations of the evidence.


  4. I once had an argument with a creationist who assured me that there was as much evidence for Jesus Christ as there was for Julius Caesar.
    Good times.


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