Census 2013 – religious diversity

Statistics New Zealand has released preliminary figures for religious affiliation from the 2013 census.

The raw figures show for the major affiliations (Christian and No religion) the following:

Religious affiliation Number
No religion 1,635,348
Christian 1,879,671
Total Responses  4,343,781
Total People  4,242,048
Double Dipping?*  101,733

It is interesting to compare the last census figures with those for the previous four.


As we can see, the godless trend has continued unabated.

One thing for sure – Christians can no longer claim to make up the majority of the country’s population.

*Double Dipping arises from people putting down more than one answer to the question. Eg – “Born again” and “Assembly of God.” It most probably occurs for the Christian, rather than No religious group. If this is the case we should adjust the Christian total to 1,879,671 –  101,733 = 1,777,938.

This would cut Christians as a proportion of the total population to 41.9%.

The No religion is accordingly 37.7%.

The other major religions have Hindu – 2.1%, Buddhist – 1.4% and Islam – 1.1%.

For more detail see 2013 Census where  tables of data can be downloaded.

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7 responses to “Census 2013 – religious diversity

  1. I’ve extrapolated those graphs and come to the conclusion that the Godless will coincide with the Christians at around 2015 which seems to be the same time that the world economy will collapse, according to another graph that I have

    It must be a sign


  2. Today sees a post at Why Evolution is True which will be news to most New Zealanders.

    Apparently blasphemy is an imprisonable offence in NZ.
    If this is on our books it certainly hasn’t been prosecuted in my lifetime.
    It would be laughed out of court.


  3. “Apparently blasphemy is an imprisonable offence in NZ.”

    Primary sources of information?


  4. s123 Crimes Act 1961

    Blasphemous libel

    (1) Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1 year who publishes any blasphemous libel.

    (2) Whether any particular published matter is or is not a blasphemous libel is a question of fact.

    (3) It is not an offence against this section to express in good faith and in decent language, or to attempt to establish by arguments used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, any opinion whatever on any religious subject.

    (4) No one shall be prosecuted for an offence against this section without the leave of the Attorney-General, who before giving leave may make such inquiries as he thinks fit.

    Interesting….OK if unless you use indecent language!!


  5. Who is libeled?

    The post at WEIT, in my view, tries to spin the line that we can be jailed in NZ for “blaspheming God”

    I think that is patent nonsense.


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