The true meaning of Christmas

I reckon you can’t beat Tim Minchin’s song “White Wine in the Sun” to convey the real atmosphere of Christmas – at least in Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s a new version – recorded at the Uncaged Monkeys show in Manchester on 6th December 2011. It’s a bit shaky at the start but gets better.

Tim is accompanied by Prof. Brian Cox on keyboard in this version

Tim Minchin & Prof Brian Cox – White Wine In The Sun

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5 responses to “The true meaning of Christmas

  1. Ken, it’s an oxymoron for sure to hear someone who’s an atheist/agnostic trying to pretend to know the true meaning of Christmas…




  2. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Lord Santa, bringer of gifts and hangovers.


  3. Ironically, on the West Coast of NZ we are just putting the fire on. Not much white wine in the sun for us.


  4. Ron, you aren’t suggesting that, for example, apologists for a Johnny-come-lately religion who have taken on and adapted pre-existing pagan festivals, could enlighten us in any way in the subject, are you?



  5. Ken, I see the M and S story in your Twitter feed, the one about the Muslim checkout operators refusing to serve alcohol and Pork.

    Wtf, whatever next?

    Happy Pagan holidays Ken, may all your pagan rites have a happy ending.


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