How do we know what is true?

The British Humanist Association has produced 4 animated videos explaining humanist ideas. They are all narrated by Stephen Fry

Here is one that particularly appealed to me – “How do we know what is true?.

See: That’s Humanism: Four animated videos about Humanism narrated by Stephen Fry

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20 responses to “How do we know what is true?

  1. Is string theory true?


  2. “String theory” is usually considered an hypothesis, or more of a speculation – not a theory – as it has so far not been possible to test in practice.


  3. A bit like evolution and global warming?


  4. No, far from it. Much easier to check the facts about organisms and climate than it us about those strings.


  5. The way people deny the science on any particular subject is the same.

    For example, the anti-fluoridationists do the the same thing as the anti-vaxxers out there.
    There’s a strong overlap.

    So too with Evolution and Global Warming.
    The way people deny Evolution is the same way they deny Global Warming.
    They are usually the same people.
    Always the same methodology.

    Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. Climate Change and Evolution Deniers


  6. Do string theory deniers operate the same way as anti-vaxxers and anti-fluoridationists?


  7. String theory deniers sounds a weird term because no one is claiming strings as an established fact. Debates in the issue are controversies over speculations, no scientific consensus. In contrast benefits of vaccinations and fluoride are well established so that opponents often have to deny established science.


  8. Do string theory deniers operate the same way as anti-vaxxers and anti-fluoridationists?

    “String theory denial”?
    You made that up out of thin air. Reality is not your friend.


  9. Yes probably, but it is like Heisenberg’s cat?


  10. Then embrace reality. Stop making things up. It only makes you look stupid.


  11. But is it true? How do we know what is true?


  12. Obviously hasn’t watched the video.


  13. Steven Fry is my favorite scientist.


  14. You are being stupid again.
    Obvious troll is obvious.


  15. Steven Fry has the stupid American accent that is obviously fake because it comes out of a synthesizer, but he was on the Simpsons so respect for that.


  16. That song is fabulous!

    Was it in the Eurovision Somg Contest? It certainly deserved to be.


  17. There is no sure method to know truth. Although practice is necessary ultimately truth requires consensus. In case of determinism it is scientific consensus made possible by the existence of objective reality. Moral truth could be found the same way – through consensus. But the correct basis for such consensus is freedom because freedom is the necessary condition for morality. You might want to check the book “Cult of Freedom & Ethics of Public Sphere” (part of it is available at


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