What makes something right or wrong?

Here is another of the  4 animated videos produced by the British Humanist Association. They are all narrated by Stephen Fry.

This one deals with aspects of morality – an important subject where the voice of non-theists is often ignored.

“What makes something right or wrong?” Narrated by Stephen Fry 

See: That’s Humanism: Four animated videos about Humanism narrated by Stephen Fry

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9 responses to “What makes something right or wrong?

  1. Hi, Cale. Care to do a bit of a rebuttal here?


  2. I think my objections would be pretty much the same as the ones in the link. If you have some criticisms of it, I’ll give my thoughts on them.


  3. OK Cale – they are made from a religious bias – not scientifically based. Whereas the humanist position is scientifically based.

    The scientific approach is well known to be a much better way of understanding reality than is a religious approach.


  4. Where, specifically, do you think that the remonstrant’s religious bias has caused him to err?


  5. You seem to want to avoid specificity, Cale.

    Never mind – I think I will take the whole article you link to and discuss it. There are a number of straw men used in the article which are common to the religious apologist criticism of humanitarian ethics.

    I have written several articles on a scientific approach to morlauity in the past so it will be good to get back into the subject again. I will probably put something up in the comming week.

    Meanwhile – is there anything specifically you would like to see me address in my analysis of the article you reocmmended?


  6. Cool bananas. My only request: try and address him point for point, rather than going off on tangents.


  7. Sue, Caleb. But it is mainly a matter of disposing of straw men.


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