Fluoridation returns to Hamilton City.


The Hamilton City Council voted this afternoon to recommence fluoridating the city’s water supply

The vote was overwhelming – 9 for, 1 against. The overwhelming support for fluoridation in last year’s referendum was decisive in the decision.

There is a threat to bring legal action against the council – the Deputy Mayor’s comment on this – “Bring it on – a legal decision will decide for the whole country.”

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17 responses to “Fluoridation returns to Hamilton City.

  1. I’m very pleased they’ve stood up to the legal intimidation. An article in NZ Herald today (giving air to Trevor Nutter’s views but none to any science or medical body) strongly suggested that Hamilton might buckle.


  2. The question nobody in the media seems to be asking, is whether there was any deterioration in Hamilton’s dental health during the period in which their water was unfluoridated.


  3. Kurt Ferre DDS, Portland, OR USA

    Well done, Hamilton !!


  4. Kurt Ferre DDS, Portland, OR USA

    One other thought: both Paul Connett and Declan Waugh were both Skyped in on the initial kangaroo court to discontinue fluoridation. We can only hope that this decisive decision causes at least a few sleepless nights for these two ideologues.


  5. More victory over the morons.


  6. The morons won’t give up and advent of the internet has changed the game, making it easier for those promoting pseudo-science to the scientifically challenged.

    Public health authorities (Min. of Health) and associated organisations really need to take this very seriously and step up their efforts to communicate and debunk garbage. Their responses are often way to circumspect, polite and understated.

    Things are in a very bad state when a city council can ignore Ministry of Health opinion. This would have been unthinkable 30 years ago.

    From what I’ve seen recently, Ken has done more, especially as an on-line presence. than many of those officially charged with the task of promoting our health.

    Well done Ken. You can share in receiving thanks for victory in this battle of an unfinished war.


  7. Unfinished war? Sounds interesting. What do you have next? Bombing schools and hospitals?


  8. The plural of referendum is referenda, not referendums


  9. Referendums and referenda are both commonly used as plurals of referendum. However, the use of referenda is deprecated by the Oxford English Dictionary, which advises that:
    “Referendums is logically preferable as a plural form meaning ballots on one issue (as a Latin gerund, referendum has no plural). The Latin plural gerundive referenda, meaning things to be referred, necessarily connotes a plurality of issues.”


  10. Interesting, I hadn’t heard that about OED
    Will we start referring to data as “datums” perhaps?


  11. Laughing at you AD

    You’re not even a very good pedant.


  12. Yes I am laughing at you too Richard Christie

    You are not even good at insulting me.

    E for effort


  13. They are having a referendum in Scotland about independence soon.

    That should be fun.


  14. Loved the troll song – it made about as much sense as your comments on this forum and any public vote on fluoridation that involves the MoH, NFIS, DHBs and you guys should be spelt (or spelled) referendumb.


  15. Christopher Atkinson

    I knew a man Bojangles and he’d dance for you, with worn out views
    Silver hair, ragged shit and baggy pants, that old soft poo
    He tried so hard, he’d try so hard, then he lightly jibber jabbered on

    Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles


  16. Aw, someone’s upset. Diddums.


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