Councils and scientists targeted by anti-fluoride activists

Are ducks somehow connected to the anti-fluoridation  movement? Sure – they do have unsinkable rubber ducks in common. But I am thinking of how media coverage of anti-fluoridation activity and the opening of the duck shooting season peaks annually about May.

The seasonal airing of the fluoridation issue is directly connected to council timetables. Councils consider and decide on their draft annual plans about that time. And of course anti-fluoridation activists take advantage of this to make large numbers of submissions and to dominate council hearings on the plans. That’s not to say these activists are inactive the rest of the year. There are submissions to prepare, supporters to mobilise and the never-ending promotion of their unsinkable rubber ducks – misinformation about fluoride.

Anti-fluoride activists have become council “groupies.” They are familiar with council planning and conscious of any opportunity to present their case. Aware that numbers can impress councillors they help supporters with submission templates (templates A, B, C, D, were used in Hamilton) and submission guides. In contrast the ordinary citizen is rarely conscious of what is going on in their council. For example, the first most Hamiltonians heard of the “Fluoride Tribunal” organised by the Hamilton City Council last year was a news report of the council vote to stop fluoridation!


A group of anti-fluoride council groupies after harassing the Wellington Regional Council this year. Credit: Fluoride Free Wellington

To continue reading this article see GUEST BLOG: Ken Perrott – Anti-fluoride activists target councils – and scientists at The Daily Blog.

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One response to “Councils and scientists targeted by anti-fluoride activists

  1. It’s fantastic to finally come across a blog putting across the arguments in favor of fluoride! There are so many anti-fluoride websites out there, that the argument (online at least, where a a lot of people get their information these days) is completely skewed.

    I actually have a close friend who was convinced by the anti-fluoride argument to the point that she switched to a fluoride-free toothpaste. She was complaining of a tingling sensation in her gums within a month; it could have been a coincidence but on the face of it I think it probably wasn’t.

    I’ll be emailing her with a link to your site, for sure – keep up the good work!


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