Making political capital out of the deaths of innocents

Abby Martin’s Statement on Downed Malaysian Plane & State Sponsored Militias 

I have been absolutely disgusted with the contradictory information coming out about the crash of the Malaysian airline in Eastern Ukraine. And with the way politicians have used it to advance their specific agendas.

Seems to me that making political capital out of such a tragic event is an offense to the almost 300 innocent victims.

Abby Martin is one of the few spokespersons in the media who also seems to feel this way.

6 responses to “Making political capital out of the deaths of innocents

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  2. Abby Martin? I’ve heard that name somewhere before.

    Fluoride is Poison | Brainwash Update


  3. Yes, it’s a pity she didn’t make the same appeal to objectivity on fluoridation as she did on the current hysteria.



  4. I have become quite angry at the NZ media coverage of the incident.
    The constant use of biased language, describing separatists as rebels (even Abby Martin does this), is an indicator of such underlying bias.
    The anti-Russian bias has been palpable and relentless from the time of the coup that overthrew a democratically elected government.


  5. Then there’s her statements on 9/11 and “the freemasons” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
    I’ll let you find them for yourselves. They are just as delightfully nutty.
    Suffice to say, RT didn’t bring her on board because they were impressed by how rational she was.
    It’s nice that she left RT. It would have been even better if she hadn’t worked for them in the first place.


  6. I am disappointed in this shooting of the messenger. The post is not about the presenter and does not imply in any way a blanket endorsement of all her foibles. But I do endorse her statement here – particular on irresponsible prejudgment and how disrespectful it is to these innocent victims to use such a tragedy to promote a political agenda. Such inhuman cynicism really disgust me and unfortunately there is a lot of it about t the moment.

    I hope future discussion concentrates in that aspect – that is what I am trying to encourage. I don’t give a stuff about anything else she has said or promoted – it is irrelevant here.


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