How to change your Mind – and why it is good for you

It’s funny how we all recognise confirmation bias in others but a loath to see it in ourselves.

Yet it is only human – and in fact the desire to fit new evidence into existing models in our mind does play an important role in attempts to understand the real world. At the same time, one must realise that our mental models do not correspond exactly to reality, no matter how good they are, or we think they are.

That is why it is important to develop the skills to recognise when our mental models really are out of step with new evidence, with reality.

Julia Galef trains people to do this. To learn to change their mind. She described the process in her talk at TAM 2014.

TAM 2014 – Julia Galef – How to Change Your Mind -TAM 2014.

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4 responses to “How to change your Mind – and why it is good for you

  1. You should try it sometime Ken . . . :}


  2. Yes, greenbuzzer, I was sort of placing bets on which simpleton would try to turn this on me. You haven’t failed me. J

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  3. I wonder if the dissonance between the total confidence with which the anti-fluoridationists hold their chemophobic beliefs and the zero confirmation for those ideas that exists in the world of main stream medical, dental and public health will ever appear as an anomaly to them. I suppose psychologically it is enough that Thiessen, Connett (Jr and Sr), Carlsson, Limeback, Hirzy and Osmunson oppose.


  4. I find it amusing and perplexing that climate change sceptics deny the arguments on the grounds they are models only and not “evidence”. If increasingly cognitive science and a little secular introspection is employed, all understanding (knowledge) is derived from modelling of the world around us. Opinion shapers have known this for a long time. Experiments and common experience show this to be the case. There is no direct unmoderated interaction with the world. Our brains must be reality simulators. But it is the only method available to us and collective peer reviewed science is the best we can do.

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