Let’s rely on anecdotes instead!

Image credit: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

This satirical piece from The Shovel highlights an unfortunate way many politicians (mainly US and Australian)  and internet propagandists approach scientific matters – relying on anecdotes and not evidence. It is also true of many blog commenters.

Science To Be Replaced By Anecdotes

Australia’s scientific research programs will be cut back and replaced by a recent experience the guy down the shops had, it was revealed today. A government spokesperson said it was a move to a more common-sense approach to research and development. “Roger, who I bumped into just the other day, told a pretty pertinent story about how he’d seen first hand just how powerful anecdotes can be,” the spokesperson said. “I think it would be unwise and, frankly, disrespectful, to dismiss his opinion out of hand”.The spokesperson said the Coalition wanted to avoid the dangerous precedent set by previous Governments whereby science was left to professionals and experts. “Scientists have a right to an opinion too. But let’s not forget the various other equally valid views and opinions in the community”.

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10 responses to “Let’s rely on anecdotes instead!

  1. Science Schmience….it’s just plain WRONG to dump this waste by product into our precious once cleaner waters…..wrong wrong wrong….no way around that.

    Why not add a laxative, an anti depressant and what else?????


  2. And what anecdotes we hear are controlled by the corporatocracy-owned newsmedia.
    Interesting database:


  3. I don’t know, sound hill. The anecdotes I hear seem to come from individuals writing comments here and on Facebook – not from a “corporatocracy-owned news media.”

    Mind you many of them appear to be copypasta from “natural” health websites and magazines. I suppose those are “corporatocracy-owned.” The “natural” health industry is big business.



  4. Joy, if you need a laxative or anti-depressant you are quite welcome to add them to your own water.


  5. Ken, thanks for the pingback, but actually the image credit should go to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.


  6. Thanks Graham. I will fix it tomorrow.


  7. Thank goodness for the more natural industry, which will NEVER be bigger than pharma industry… We need the more natural industry to help combat all the damage done by the mega pharma industry…

    And No, I don’t want anything MORE added to our waters….I was being caustic …again, if I wanted “F” I’d buy TP but I don’t need it as my joints and organs and glands don’t either for SURE…..


  8. Joy, why should we listen to you? You are just a shill for corporate interests. The “natural” health industry – it’s big business and it promotes lies for profit.


  9. talk about shills, why should we listen to YOU? I’m not a shill for anyone, only working on my own health and the damage done by toxins and this includes the big “F”……fraud/scam


  10. Speaking of scams, here is a couple from one of your natural health buddies

    Dr. Joseph Mercola has been the subject of a number of United States Food and Drug Administration Warning Letters related to his health advocacy activities:

    02/16/2005 – Living Fuel RX(TM) and Coconut Oil Products – For marketing products for a medical use which classifies those products as drugs in violation of 201(g)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.[51]

    09/21/2006 – Optimal Wellness Center – For both labeling / marketing health supplements for purposes which would render them to be classified as regulated drugs as well failing to provide adequate directions for use upon the label in the event that they were legally sold as drugs.[52]

    03/11/2011 – Re: Meditherm Med2000 Infrared cameras – For marketing a telethermographic camera for medical purposes which have not been FDA approved.[53]

    12/16/2011 – Milk Specialties Global – Wautoma – Failure to have tested for purity, strength, identity, and composition “Dr. Mercola Vitamin K2” and others.[54]

    In the USA Fluoride is controlled by government guideline as to purity and quality, Not like the natural health products that have no such regulation. And is not independently tested or controlled by anyone except the people making it , so any nasty can be included and no one would know’ that’s great for your kids
    And that being the case what do you think is the safest, and it not the natural health products they promote


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