Proving anecdotes are reliable

anecdotesHere’s one to go with Let’s rely on anecdotes instead!

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2 responses to “Proving anecdotes are reliable

  1. The fluoridation issue is a prime example of science being manipulated to support a pre-determined outcome e.g. lowering tooth decay. The NZ health authorities can only produce the 1950s PR mantra that fluoridation is ‘safe, beneficial and effect’ to support their stand. They ignore the fact that countries who do not fluoridate have had a similar decline in tooth decay over the past 50 years as those that do. There is no valid science that indicates adding a by-product of fertiliser manufacturing to drinking water has any health benefits. Indeed the product added is toxic, corrosive and classed as poison and is recognised as having adverse health impacts. That is why there are safety warnings associated with its usage. It cannot legally be put into the environment, into landfills or into waterways because it is dangerous to plants and animals but the science, bought and paid for by those who profit from the product, deems it to be safe to put into our drinking water. That is not science, that is magic!


  2. I normally ask for evidence of such claims, Trev, but after your last example of “evidence” I realise you do not understand the request.

    You are just blandly repeating your mantras – and you did not have he confidence in them to stick with your High Court action, despite funding from the “natural” health industry.




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