“Real” experts’ on climate change? Really?

The Heartland Institute has produced a new propaganda poster on climate change. Here it is:

heritage poster

And this is what they say about it:

This poster presents clear and undeniable evidence that the debate is not over. Looking out from this poster are 58 real experts on the causes and consequences of climate change. Each of them refutes the existence of a “consensus of scientists” on the size of the human impact on climate, or whether it merits immediate action. Many of these experts say the threat is grossly exaggerated, often to advance a political agenda.

So they have raked up 58 “experts” – and how do they define “real experts?

Apparently their criteria is that they have spoken at one of the Heartland Institute’s climate denial conferences!

Sure they claim of these “real experts:”

“They include current and former professors of climatology, geology, environmental science, physics, and economics at leading universities around the world.”

But I have had a quick glance at the poster and at least 30 of these “real experts” really don’t have training or qualification in a field connected with climate. They include:

  • Journalists like James Delingpole and Christopher Booker.
  • Climate denial activists like Barry Brill, Christopher Monkton, Steve Gorham, Tom Harris and Joanne Nova.
  • Right wing “think tank” executives and fellows like Robert J. Bradley Jr., E. Calvin Betsner, Dennis Avery,Ron Arnold, Paul Driessen, Myron Ebell, Indur Golklany,  David W. Greutzer, Marlo Lewis, Marita Noon and James, M. Taylor.
  • Politicians like Vaclav Klaus, George Christenen and Roger Helmer.

There are also a few meteorologists (mainly weather forecasters), astronauts and economists.

Followers of the climate change debate will also be familiar with the remaining few on these who do have academic qualifications in relevant fields – and maybe some publications. They are the usual contrarians and mavericks who seem to bast in the glory of the promotion they get from climate change deniers.

“Real expert” – come off it.

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13 responses to ““Real” experts’ on climate change? Really?

  1. uknowispeaksense

    Reblogged this on uknowispeaksense and commented:
    This poster and the claims on it, including calling these people “experts” is so ridiculous it actually kills satire.

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  2. uknowispeaksense: Do you believe this is as ridiculous as the people you seem to believe?


  3. Thanks for this interesting article. The attacks on climate change scientists never seem to end. I used to think there couldn’t be anything more immoral in a community sense than promoting asbestos use and smoking as harmless. Climate change denial to protect vested financial interests takes the cake.

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  4. James Delingpole is supposed to be a real expert on the causes and consequences of climate change? Seriously?

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  5. Derivation of the word “expert”:

    Ex – an unknown quantity.

    Spurt – a drip under pressure.

    I know it’s an old joke, but the author of the poster seems to use it as the real meaning!

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  6. 29 PhDs at a rough estimate


  7. Patrick morrow

    I noticed they have Tim Ball as a professor of climatology at the university of Winnipeg in Canada . I can assure all here that he is not a professor of climatology . In fact winnipeg being my home town( and having dealt with this bozo) I can tell you the UofWinnipeg did not have a climate science / climatology department during his tenure. In fact Dr Ball’s PhD is in geography. The man hasn’t written anything of consequence in years. He is now retired 78 years old ,living on the west coast of Canada .

    Makes me wonder about these other ” scientists “

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  8. James Renwick of VUW in NZ also calls himself a climate scientist yet is a geographer. In fact many in the field work in geography departments. Judith Curry is another example.

    I’m sure you can find some other angle to impugn them with though, as you always do.


  9. 29 PhDs at a rough estimate

    Yeah, pathetic isn’t it.


  10. It has been a while since I visited y’all.

    Nothing has changed. You still can’t face facts. Earth’s climate is insensitive to the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. If it were not so the temperature would be rising rapidly (as CAGW alarmists predicted).

    Yes, [CO2] has correlated closely with temperature for the last 800,000 years. The correlation has nothing to do with the false Arrhenius (1896) theory. It is a consequence of Henry’s law.

    Enjoy your echo chamber and the resident Village Idiot (Cedric).


  11. So Camel, wanting to divert away from the article then? Must have you stumped or ashamed.


  12. @Ken,
    Greetings! You always struck me as rational even though we seldom agree.

    It is beyond obvious that the debate is over. CAGW is fraudulent. You can deride the Heartland list all you want or the Oregon petition with 34,000 signatories or Nobel prizewinners such as Will Happer and Freeman Dyson.

    Science is not a matter of votes.

    Personally I am more into numerical analysis that can be tested against observations:

    I am quite excited by the work of Robinson & Catling:

    Currently I am trying to reproduce the work of R & C and extend it to include cloud layers as on Venus & Earth. I plan to meet Tyler Robinson next week in North Carolina.


  13. “Science is not a matter of votes” – rather belated comment for someone who normally promotes things like an “Oregon petition!” 🙂

    And the Heartland Institute is not at all interested in checking ideas against reality, rather in misinforming us about reality. Hence the list of bozos on their poster which they claim are “Experts.”


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