Down-under Christmas

It’s that time of the year again.

Tim Minchin describes the joys of Christmas down under.

5 responses to “Down-under Christmas

  1. If Tim is a shining example of where our society should go all I can say is thanks for the people who have better developed standards of language and outlook than he displays. I appreciate humour but not framed in the way he presents it. I am surprised you present his material on your blog or maybe not!


  2. Gee, Trev, you must have really worked really hard to find something to be offended by in this Christmas video. Then again, maybe you didn’t as you can’t seem too specify what it is.


  3. Gee, Ken, if you can’t figure it out then I suggest you look at some of the other material Tim has on Utube and if you don’t find it offensive that says a lot about your moral compass and your pontificating about the state of the world and your rubbishing of the views of people who have the temerity to challenge your position. Or are you just an old shit stirrer with nothing better to do?
    Have a happy New Year!


  4. OK Trev, you may have worked hard at it but could find nothing. Typical.


  5. At least Trev is consistent.


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