Six months on – concerns about MH17 investigation

People around the world are frustrated over the sluggishness of the official investigation into the MH17 tragedy. The documentary “Reflections on MH17” describes some of this frustration felt by families of the victims and those who are carrying out their own investigations or attempting legal actions.

This short video from the BBC endorses the concerns at the slow investigation felt by a Dutch family of victims.

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2 responses to “Six months on – concerns about MH17 investigation

  1. It’s unusual for an air crash invesigation to take less than two years and in some cases they drag on for far longer. Remember the objective is to establish the facts so that it never happens again, not to apportion blame. Unfortunately relatives expectations are for the “guilty” party to be identified. That’s a police job, not that of air crash investigators.


  2. I agree Gerry. There are two different investigations going on here and it is natural to expect they will take time – and they should if they are to be done properly.

    However, concern at the tardiness is justified. I believe this is a result of political factors such as the inclusions of one of the potential “guilty” parties in the investigation team and the unwillingness to communicate directly with authorities controlling he crash site.

    I also think that quite apart from determining specific “guilt” there is a natural interest in establishing what caused the crash (eg surface missile air to air weapon) because there has been so much political hype and political apportioning of blame without reliable evidence.



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