Stephen Fry not pulling any punches

Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One – YouTube.

Stephen Fry has a great skill of getting right to the core of an issue.

Here he answers the question of what he, as an atheist, would say if he ended up at the gates of heaven.

5 responses to “Stephen Fry not pulling any punches

  1. Then there’s that story of Charlie Watts, the man who invented beer. He got to the Pearly Gates and it was no questions asked, it was like, “Straight through,” said the Archangel. I think Stephen is complaining that a world good for some is not good for others, as most know about the alcohol world.

    Say I went and healed all those eye worms, just got to be sure there is no essential factor of development happening to people whose senses are curtailed for themselves or for their society. Need another way around it. Some people instead turn away from the senses with meditation or drugs.

    I think Idries Shah wrote that part of humankind is going through a stage of intellectual development which would not be easy if our minds were not in some sort of dark tunnel. Some people would say hallucinogenics may take us backwards out of that tunnel. Whereas Colin Wilson relates of going forwards out of it through concentration, “faculty X,” back into the longed for light.

    I bought a computer display from a guy from Sri Lanka. Our conversation was quite brief. I talked of Buddhism which I knew had centres there. He seemed to think of Buddhism as a trouble, one of those “instant” things. I suppose a message of Buddhism is you give up desire and suffering stops. He was a Tamil and thinks things take longer to develop.

    Lot left unsaid.


  2. Lot left unsaid.

    small mercies exist


  3. Richard, the motto of this group, “The mind doesn’t work if it’s closed.”


  4. Atheism is espoused by a lot of scientists. But what are they keeping quiet about? One of the problems of science is that what is being published is so cherry picked. It’s called “dissemination bias.”…/stuart-buck-sharing-data-from…/ has a lot of refs and there is also this: There’s a big task for someone in terms of pesticide safety, whether applied pesticide or that engineered into a plant, antibiotic resistance markers and the vectors and promoters intrinsic to GMO technology. And for climate research which may take a different approach.


  5. Certainly what is being published in blog comments is cherry-picked and suffers dissemination bias. You would know a bit about that, wouldn’t you Soundhill? 🙂



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