Download report analysing anti-fluoride attacks on NZ Fluoridation Review


The NZ Fluoridation review, Health Effects of Water Fluoridation: a Review of the Scientific Evidence, is an authoritative and up-to-date review on water fluoridation in New Zealand. The anti-fluoridation activist organisation Fluoride Free NZ (FFNZ) attempted to discredit the review with their report Scientific and Critical Analysis of the 2014 New Zealand Fluoridation Report.

In this report, Fluoridation is Safe and Effective, I analyse the FFNZ critique and show it was written, and “peer-reviewed” by well know anti-fluoridation activists

This report analyses the three main articles in the FFNZ document showing that the critique is based on misinformation commonly promoted by anti-fluoride propagandists.

I point out a small mistake in the executive summary of the Fluoridation review and describe how it arose. The concept was explained correctly in the body of that report. The mistake, little more than a typo, has now been corrected.

Fluoridation is Safe and Effective is a slightly edited version of a number of articles posted on this blog. It is now available to download in pdf format.

I hope this report will be useful wherever Fluoride Free NZ use their own document in an attempt to discredit the NZ Fluoridation Review. If FFNZ use their misleading document in their campaigns to local body councils, or in presentations to the media and public meetings this report can provide the material which debunks their claims.

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2 responses to “Download report analysing anti-fluoride attacks on NZ Fluoridation Review

  1. Just a request to look further than a two-valued everybody or nobody safety.

    Safety experiments should indicate male and female results. Just giving an average where some increases of effects cancel out decreases in the opposite sex is NOT scientific.

    Also not scientific is not to give kurtosis of distributions, since under fluoridation the copers may cope better but the non-copers cope even less, but the average remain the same.


  2. Soundhill, please give the specifics of your “request” as it relates to my report (what specific detail of my report does it relate to). And please confirm if you sent the same request to the authors of the FFNZ report and the NZ Fluoridation Review. if not, why not?



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