Free download – “Severe dental fluorosis and cognitive deficits”

S08920362Anyone interested in my article on this subject in Neurotoxicology and Teratology can now download a pdf version:

Perrott, K. W. (2015). Severe dental fluorosis and cognitive deficits. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 48, 78–79.

The publishers tell me that anyone who clicks on the link until May 3, 2015, will be taken to the final version of on ScienceDirect for free. No sign up or registration is needed – just click and read!

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8 responses to “Free download – “Severe dental fluorosis and cognitive deficits”

  1. Ken

    I just tried the link. They want $35.95 US to read it.

    We can request it through our academic subscriptions.


  2. Doesn’t work for me.


  3. OK – I have fixed it now. Something strange seems to have happened with the promised limited free access so I have made my copy availble until May in the download link.


  4. I also went to the download link Ken provided and it still asked me to register and pay $39.95 for it. If this is an intelligence test I have failed miserably!


  5. Looks like it Trev. πŸ™‚

    I will take you through it slowly.
    Go to the 2nd line in the article.
    Click on download a PDF.

    If that doesn’t work you are holding your mouth wrong.


  6. Hi Ken – I ignored the sarcasm in your response and followed the instruction. I must have held my mouth correctly and I now have the PDF. Thanks.


  7. Great, Trev.

    Now all I ask is that you do the ethical thing and if you have criticisms make them here where than can be discussed instead of behind the huge firewall of FFNZ which refuses to allow me to comment. (I notice a few of you are saying scandalous things about me there at the moment safe in the security you cannot be challenged. J)

    We are much more open to critical discussion here. You serious comments on the article are welcome.


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