Anonymous comments on social media



Something I picked up on the internet.

Yes, I know – some people have legitimate and understandable reasons for being anonymous when they comment on social media. Concern for jobs and protection for family and self.

I can appreciate that and have no issue with those people.

But there is just such a lot of rubbish spouted by anonymous commenters on social media. I can only conclude the reason for anonymity of these hostile and drive-by commenters is that they are at least subconsciously aware of the rubbish they are promoting so do not want their name associated with it.

Whatever their reason, anonymity seems to bring out the worst in these people. and they waste a lot of time for others who attempt to debate them.

5 responses to “Anonymous comments on social media

  1. I call them seagulls, they swoop in, steal ya chips, shit everywhere, then fly off.

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  2. I’d suggest that the “value” of anonymous / pseudonymous is bimodal. We all should remember that much of these “debates” is aimed at the undecided reader, not that BS in the comment per se.


  3. This is completely stupid. Have you anything better to do than to spread these kind of incorrect images! I came here to see some selection of anonymous comments and you do that. think.

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  4. Yeah, I got confused with the image here. Can you explain please? But regarding the issue itself, how does one weed out legitimate comments/issues versus just plain bashers/haters on your site?


  5. Agree times a thousand – with the article and the seagull comment! I probably would have started blogging (and thus had a much more successful start) back in 2009, had it not been for the anger and unnecessary hate spread by anonymous commenters. I see it a lot less now, but that’s probably because of the sheer numbers of blogs out there.


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