Time to give up on Sitemeter


Bizarro Cartoon 5-26-2011  from Some visitors unknowingly redirected to ads! (Finding vindicosuite.com on outclicks).

This cartoon from Lola Jane’s World will resonate with many bloggers – especially those who using Sitemeter to collect their visitor stats.

New Zealand bloggers who take part in the monthly NZ Blog ranking will know what I mean. In recent months, many bloggers using Sitemeter have not had any visitor stats available and it has been impossible to include them in the blog ranking list.

I think the time has come for these bloggers to give up on Sitemeter, delete the code and install a stats counter that does work. In the Blog ranking FAQs I list alternative counters that are easy to install and manage:

StatCounter is the most popular and works very well at the moment. In the FAQs I give a little advice on how to install it.

Are bloggers leaving Sitemeter

Definitely – it’s not just local bloggers disappointed with the problems. Internationally bloggers have opted out – see for example Goodbye SitemeterGoodbye SitemeterWell, so Much for SitemeterSo is SiteMeter dead? and The End of the SiteMeter Era. And there are many more posts like this around.

Redirections problems

I hadn’t picked this up myself, but the problems seem to be more basic than the erratic return of the blog stats. A very common complaint is that the installed Sitemeter code causes visitors to a blog to be redirected elsewhere. See, for example, Apologies to All – Sitemeter Forced Redirect Problem Now Fixed (“fixed” by removing Sitemeter), Site Meter Rewriting Links on WordPress Sites and Blogger.com bloggers: check your template for Sitemeter redirect problem.

According to What do I Know? (see Sitemeter Out Of Control – UPDATED Again: July 9):

“Then at some point Sitemeter apparently was bought by MySpace.  Since then things have gone downhill.  Reports about MySpace selling information about  Sitemeter users would come up.  Sitemeter stopped answering any of my help requests or comments.”

That seems a very convincing reason for bloggers to remove the Sitemeter code from their blog – and, hopefully, install one of the alternatives.

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One response to “Time to give up on Sitemeter

  1. Sitemeter announced that it was shutting down on July 1st, but it is still running for me. I have been happy with it for 8 years with a couple of dropouts and don’t want to move if they have changed their mind and remained online.


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