In the end, it came down to the science in Denver


Denver Board of Water Commissioners listen to information at the July 2015 fluoride information session.

In my update to the post Subverting democratic consultation on the fluoride issue I reported that Denver Water has voted unanimously to continue community water fluoridation.  They have now produced a web article explaining their decision – see  The “why” behind our fluoride policy.

I think this comment sums it up:

“In the end, it came down to the science. And there’s a lot of it.On Aug. 26, the Denver Board of Water Commissioners voted to continue its practice of community water fluoridation.”

That decision came after a thorough review where both supporters and opponents of community water fluoridation presented their cases to the board.

“After reviewing the presentations, the extensive research on this issue, and the advice of public health and medical professionals in Colorado, the board announced there would be no change in its water fluoridation policy.

The resolution the board adopted at its meeting stated: “Nothing we heard through the presentations or learned in research would justify ignoring the advice of the public health agencies and medical organizations or deviating from the thoroughly researched and documented recommendation of the U.S. Public Health Service.””

And that is how it should be. Public officials should listen to the experts – scientific and health. Of course, they must also listen to criticism of expert recommendations, but such critical opinions must be carefully and critically weighed up. Denver Water board members appear to have done this.

The board said:

“Notably, every public health agency operating in our service area urged us to continue our practice of managing fluoride concentrations in our drinking water.”

This is supported by the list of presentations they considered as described in Denver Fluoride Fight Pits Activists Against Long-Standing Health Policy:

Number of comments in favor of fluoridation: 101

Organizations in favor of fluoridation:

  • Denver Public Health Department
  • Denver Health
  • Denver Environmental Health
  • Tri-County Health Department (Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas)
  • Jefferson County Public Health
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Colorado Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
  • Colorado Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Colorado Medical Society
  • Colorado Academy of Family Physicians
  • Deans of the University of Colorado Dental, Medical and Public Health Schools
  • Various community organizations

Number of comments opposed to fluoridation: 1,078
Organizations opposed to fluoridation:

  • Fluoride Action Network
  • New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation
  • Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation
  • We Are Change Colorado”

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7 responses to “In the end, it came down to the science in Denver

  1. David Fierstien

    Watch the video. Paul Connett forgot the number one rule of public speaking: Know Your Audience.

    I’ve seen him, many times, say that no one is in charge of U.S. water fluoridation. I think the implication is that CWF is a helter-skelter, nobody-gives-a-shit program. This time – probably out of habit – he tried that nonsense on The Denver Water Board. Guess what, Paul, The Denver Water Board would know that the USEPA is the regulatory agency for CWF on the federal tier. They would also know that they are directly responsible to the Colorado Department of Environmental Quality.

    I can’t think of a bigger blunder than trying to pass off that worn out lie, which obviously impresses his minions of fluoride opponents, in front of a group of professionals who know their jobs.


  2. I dunno David.
    Brian Sandle will point out that the watertable in Christchurch NZ is slightly more saline closer to the sea, therefore, if you avoid indulging in two value thinking, Denver’s decision dould well be wrong.


  3. And anyway, we should refuse to judge Connett. That would be two value thinking.
    Brian Sandle has made me realise that everyone lies.
    And he’s right, I knew someone who cheated on their School Certificate music exam, therefore knowing this, I for one, will not be the judge of Paul Connett.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The brush of science has been badly tarred by the look of what NIST have said about building 7.


  5. Yes, they failed to notice the lizardmen.


  6. Richard the “office fires” were out before building 7 collapse. The building collapsed in demolition format. It takes months to prepare for that so it must have been known in advance. Is it lizard men repeating “office fires” over and over? They know how to manipulate public opinion, as many sales organisations. In the fluoride case you weaken your argument in my opinion when you resort to such manner you have.


  7. They know how to manipulate public opinion, as many sales organisations.

    Yes, Brian, that’s right, that’s exactly how the lizardmen get away with it, well spotted. So now, it’s up to switched on people like you to alert the world to what’s really going on.

    The lizardmen engineered the WTC collapse and this has direct consequences on community water fluoridation.

    Why can’t people see it? Why do they indulge in two value thinking?


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