A job with a view – but not for the clumsy

Here is a breathtaking GoPro video of a spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts, Mikhail Korniyenko and the record-breaking Gennady Padalka, outside the International Space Station (ISS). (Padalka recently set a new record of 879 cumulative days spent in space.)

It is certainly an exciting job – and what a view!

But I’m amazed at all the fiddly stuff on the outside of the ISS.  I wouldn’t have the confidence – too scared of being caught up in all the wires and gadgets.

Although, there would not be a problem with dropping tools and gadgets.

See how Gennady Padalka, or is it Mikhail Korniyenko, disposes of the replaced item at the end!

Thanks to: GoPro captures Russian cosmonaut duo performing spectacular spacewalk

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2 responses to “A job with a view – but not for the clumsy

  1. Christopher Atkinson

    I thought orbiting space debris are are big problem?
    Or would the ‘space litter’ would have eventually fallen to earth and burned up?


  2. Not wanting to be a killjoy but i found that immensely irritating video clip.

    My beef is that it has been edited like a pop music video, no shot on the screen for more than a second before the aspect is changed. No chance for you to focus, or for you to become orientated to what you are looking at before the viewpoint shifts.

    effn awful.


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