Many Syrians see Russians as saviours

One gets the impression from our news media that those horrible Russians (or perhaps just the demon Putin) are unjustly bombing Syria, killing its citizens and causing all those refugees to flee to Europe.

Of course, that is “too bad to be true” (or “too good to be true” from the point of view of the US and NATO soldiers in the “information war). Sometimes a bit of objectively peeps through as in this article from the Guardian – In Assad’s heartland, villagers see Russians as saviours.

Although even there we can see the pressure to conform to the approved party line.

2712070 10/04/2015 Russian servicemen attach a Kh-25 high-precision missile to a Su-24 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Dmitriy Vinogradov/RIA Novosti

10/04/2015 Russian servicemen attach a Kh-25 high-precision missile to a Su-24 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Dmitriy Vinogradov/RIA Novosti

The Russians are the heroes of the hour. People greet the few foreigners who visit with a cheerful Russian “Dobry den!” and shout out their enthusiasm for President Putin, who they believe will deliver them from terrorism. Many think the west is supporting Isis, which they call by its Arabic acronym, Daesh. “We can see that the Russians are determined to defeat Daesh and the terrorists, whereas by contrast the Americans and their coalition don’t seem to have the same determination,” said Safwan al-Saada, the governor of Tartus. “In the last year they said they were fighting terrorism, but Daesh grew stronger, not weaker, so we can say their coalition is not serious.”

Read the rest at In Assad’s heartland, villagers see Russians as saviours.

What do you think?

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3 responses to “Many Syrians see Russians as saviours

  1. I hope this provokes some discussion:

    Holy war


  2. I imagine those persecuted by Assad’s ruthless regime are pretty much on the fence, however. If Putin was currently protecting me from ISIS I would like that. But there will be a human rights price to pay long term with Assad’s savagery as he cements himself back in power and seeks retribution.

    Also Putin is killing the Free Syrian Army, so he’s a double edged sword. I’ve got no idea of Putin/Russia versus the Kurds, but he better not be against them also. Of all the groups involved in this conflict, the Kurds are the ones who deserve help (and ultimately a homeland free of persecution by the Turks, given they’ve almost single-handedly at times taken the fight to ISIS).


  3. I think the Kurds are effectively fighting with the Syrian army and probably contribute to the intelligence system set up by Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia in Baghdad. As for the “Free Syrian Army – I understand is is pretty miniscule now – members either defecting to the terrorist groups (of which there are many) or back to government forces. Really those seem to be the only alternative – and despite the US claiming to support them the FSA, when Lavrov has asked for a contact to enable coordination of actions the US couldn’t seem to find any. 🙂

    I see the only alternatives are a descent into the anarchy we say in Libya, or a strengthening of the Syrian army and its allies to defeat the terrorists. We do live in the real world. The question of Assad’s position must be decided by political and diplomatic means (whi9ch are continuing) not support for terrorist rebels.

    But I find it strange that people attempt to personalise the situation (as is presenting Putin as fighting in Syria) in a way they don’t do with the USA and UK, or France. It is the Russian Armed forces carrying out the attacks, not Putin.

    Perhaps that is a result of the constant personal demonisation of Putin we are exposed to.


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