Richard Dawkins – speech to Reason Rally, 2016

This was Richard Dawkins’ speech to the 20116 Reason Rally in Washington DC last week.

Richard suffered a mild stroke earlier this year and this video shows he is still not fully well. Anyway, too unwell to travel so he presented the speech as a video.

There is nothing new here – he has made all these points before. But these points are well worth repeating, and he makes them so well.

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3 responses to “Richard Dawkins – speech to Reason Rally, 2016

  1. Darwin was not what many kids are taught today, a neo-Darwinist. He had the idea of “pangenesis.” By changing our environment we affect ourselves epigenetically – a way which is inheritable.


  2. Epigenetics. I don’t think that you understand the concept.

    Pangenesis. I don’t think that you understand the concept.


  3. I wish that I could be as articulate as Richard Dawkins. I am aware enough of my own abilities to know that I would be hopelessly outclassed in off-the-cuff articulate communication. I hope that I would even approach 10% of his abilities (even post stroke) although I attempt to be articulate in writing.

    I agree with his comment about labeling people according to parent’s beliefs. My parents would be labelled low Anglican / C of E / Roman Catholic, where in reality they were agnostic. From their labeling I would be similar. In reality, apart from visits to St Paul’s, St Giles’, Rosslyn, Blackburn and Gloucester Cathedrals, etc., I am a scientist and the only visits to churches for “worship” have been out of respect for the person’s whose funeral I have been attending.


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