Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women?

I will probably get some negative feedback for posting this video (as I did with Richard Dawkins and the Skeptics Conference controversy). But Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes some important points worth a proper discussion.

I think she is too simplistic about some things. Such as attributing modern values to our Judeo-Christian heritage – if that was the over-riding factor our values system would be far more backwards.

But often groups fighting for improvements in the values systems of our society can be hypocritical in their attitudes towards the problems in other societies. This appears to be the case with at least some feminist groups – but is also true of some other groups which consider themselves “progressive.”


Thanks to Why Evolution is True: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the failure of feminists to fight for Muslim women.

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7 responses to “Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women?

  1. I will probably get some negative feedback for posting this video

    Ayan Hirsi Ali does herself no favours by associating her name with Prager University.


  2. Yes, Richard, Jerry Coyne made that very point. And Hirsi Ali is aligned with conservative outlets through here employment.

    However, let’s not be distracted away from a good message by those sort of details.


  3. We appear to have misspelled her first name, Ayaan.


  4. Thanks Richard.


  5. Obviously she will have aligned herself with conservatives because the left have given up on women and gay rights in favour of pandering to Islamic Supremacists


  6. Frankly – I do not know what “left” and “right” mean – haven’t since the reforms of the 1980s in New Zealand.

    They are purely an aid to confirmation bias when people think in terms of “left” and “right.”

    it is more sensible to judge each situation on the facts and ones own values rather than be caught upo with the need to conform to either “left” or “right” straitjackets.

    Why not just make a judgement of each of Hirsi Ali’s claims without being sidetracked by her employer’s stance on issues or the vido channel this appeared in?

    While I agree with her on most issues I disagree with her on some – which is true of anyone else I look at.


  7. Actually I have her book “Heretic” on my desk to read, once I have read my others in the queue. At that point I might be able to understand her views better.


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