“Humanitarian” intervention and war crimes

As far as I am concerned the people in the US can have their elections – I just wish weren’t being bombarded with the inane comments coming from the two main candidates.

I have absolutely no irons in that fire but must admit that every time I see the video clip above it gets up my nose. Clinton glorifying and making fun of a shocking incident in the Libyan war – the lynching of the president by rebel forces.

Now, Luis Moreno Ocampo, the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court has said there are ‘serious suspicions’ that the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a war crime (see Gaddafi death ‘may be a war crime’, says chief prosecutor at The Hague). He has written to the interim Libyan government on the issue and has said any involvement by the ICC will depend on their reaction. The ICC only steps in if national authorities are unwilling or unable to act.

What a pathetic choice facing US voters – either a buffoon or someone who glorifies war crimes.

But, more importantly, shouldn’t we have learned by now the anti-human consequences of “humanitarian” intervention – regime change – by the US and NATO?

Yet we seem to have governments – and US Presidential candidates – who seem willing to repeat the fiasco again in Syria.

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4 responses to ““Humanitarian” intervention and war crimes

  1. “Published on Aug 6, 2016

    The real goal was not to bring democracy and freedom to Libya. It was to weaken the African economy so they can’t compete with the west and be self sufficient. The globalists crushed libyas rebellion by using the CIA to train and create Al Sharia to topple gaddafi and keep Africa inline for the globalists neocolonial system that extracts wealth and resources from the country and leaving famine, poverty and war all part of Agenda 21. Kessinger encouraged mass genocide and endorsed it. That is what the elite are doing crushing nations that don’t agree and bow down to the central bankers. They topple the governments , create terrorists to keep them down and dependent. Africa will be empty of human life by the Third World War. And will be a wasteland after, just so the elite can establish a one world government. The NWO. Wake Up now!”


  2. The military industrialists are worried about Trump since he would be very tough on their ISIS.


  3. Leading up to next Clinton Trump debate starting at 2pm


  4. A fun example of media manipulation:


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