Novichock – a marketing ploy?

A new line of sunflower oil on Russian supermarket shelves.
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I came across this on twitter – a new line of sunflower oil launched on the Russian market. The labels claim the product is conducive to a long life and has a special flavour.

Perhaps the events in Salisbury are simply a marketing trick. Perhaps some old hacks from the KGB (prominently displayed on the label) have gone into the (sunflower) oil business.

Given the lack of transparency in the investigation and the confusing information we do have, I simply have not been able to make head nor tail of this whole event. None of the conspiracy theories seem at all credible

At this stage, this is the best explanation for the Salisbury poisoning I can find.

If nothing else it shows the Russian people certainly aren’t panicking and have not lost their sense of humour.

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3 responses to “Novichock – a marketing ploy?

  1. I’m baffled too
    If the Russians had done it would Lavrov have been so led astray by the BZ business?
    And why hasn’t Yulia taken to Twitter ,or Facebook, or the Bailey character to the woman’s magazines?
    It would be such a propaganda boost to have photos of Yulia either fading away , irreparably damaged, or alternatively, all bouncy and denouncing Putin and accusing the FSB
    The other difficulty is the “military grade ” description.
    I can’t see how it would be to any army’s advantage to so contaminate territory it intends to occupy.What would be the point of such a persistent nerve agent
    A swift kill then dissipation would be the optimum aim I would have thought.


  2. And like you, I am rather cheered by the Russians humour


  3. And here’s a word from the producer of the Novichok Sunflower Oil:


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