Time for a serious auditing of Porton Down’s nerve agent stocks?

Amesbury, the site of the latest UK nerve agent poisoning is only 12 minutes drive from Porton Down – which carries stocks of these types of nerve agents.

Isn’t it about time the UK authorities took a serious look at Porton Down – like a rigid auditing of their stocks of nerve agents (especially of the “novichock” group)? In fact, this should have been the first action of investigators – and not just accept assurances from staff.

The “Russia did it!” excuse seems more and more like the story of the dog who ate the homework.

Salisbury, the site of the UK nerve agent poisoning 4 months ago is only 18 minutes drive from Porton Down – which carries stocks of these types of nerve agents.

See also: Where could you get a nerve agent in Salisbury?

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3 responses to “Time for a serious auditing of Porton Down’s nerve agent stocks?

  1. Exactly,
    A rogue Porton Down employee?
    Like the nurse recently found to have murdered babies in her care
    Like the anthrax letter scare in the US which was later tracked to one of their own laboratories
    Harold Shipman
    The employee who was poisoning his colleague’s sandwiches
    Occam’s razor is now pointing at someone within the walls of Porton Down
    How could left over Skripal novichok (TM) still be active 4 months later?When we are led to believe decontamination can be effective using water? and baby wipes!!!
    Seriously, we all have to be worried when govt officials and the media are so out of their depth that they issue the most unbelievable statements.
    One poisoning within a stone’s throw of Porton Down might be a coincidence, but now another?
    Why is this not being considered?

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  2. Your best post ever…

    You should dress it up an post on Scoop.co.nz



  3. A further qualm
    The Skripal’s sub lethal dose nevertheless managed to be found strewn all about Salisbury
    Dawn and Charlie’s “massive” dose is not presenting in any environmental samples
    The bus they travelled on between Salisbury and Amesbury at 10:30 on Friday night , after they’d supposedly got their dose, has come up clean… despite Novichok showing up on their palms, the next day
    It wasn’t until the next day that Dawn was taken to hospital
    10 hours later, Charlie was also admitted
    The “container ” with this timeline, should have been found at Charlie’s house
    It hasn’t
    And does it seem strange to anyone that seemingly, neither of the couple visited the toilet in all those hours and washed their hands afterwards?


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