Collapse of the “Russiagate ” myth exposes how corporate media has failed

We have had to put up with this emotional rubbish from corporate media for two and a half years. Evidence-less conclusions presented as fact and huge pressure to adopt the narrative they posh. The video may have selected from US TV sources – but it has been wider than that – stretching to all media forms and to other countries.

And some people have criticised me for feeling vindicated because when I pointed out the Emporer had no clothes I was right (see Getting out alive – why we should always demand evidence)!

As for the plea that I wait for the publication of the full Mueller report – isn’t that disingenuous when those making the plea did not wait? They simply succumbed to pressure to adopt the narrative offered and gave in to group thinking? I can’t help raising the question to those making these pleas –  “what will be the deflective argument used when the full report is published?”

No, we have had to put up with this BS for two and half years and corporate media did not wait for evidence during all that time – worse they distorted and misrepresented any evidence to fit it to their own partisan narrative. They used vague references to “anonymous sources” to justify their bias – that must be one of the oldest trick in the propaganda manual.

The few independent journalists who resisted this pressure to conform were vilified. Accused of being supporters of Trump, “Putin’s useful idiots,” etc. They were smeared. Described as conspiracy theorists – by the very media and their stenographers pushing the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all, the installation of a Manchurian candidate in the White House.

Those independent journalist are feeling vindicated – and they are rubbing it in. I cannot blame them.

Sure, I am always open to new evidence and I am sure the Mueller report will contain a lot of that. But the main message pushed by corporate media over the last two and half years has been destroyed. The report itself says:

“[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

The corporate media and the stenographers it employees should take a long hard look at itself. Some (anly a few) of them have – even acknowledging the practice of justifying claims by reference to anonymous sources should stop. But I am not holding my breath.

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4 responses to “Collapse of the “Russiagate ” myth exposes how corporate media has failed

  1. Good on you Ken
    I’m afraid the coverage of Russiagate has been a comfort blanket for those who hate Trump so badly their own critical thinking flies out the window
    Just what Putin wants ! they then gasp, sowing confusion and discord! We don’t know what to believe anymore!
    It”s our own media that has done precisely that, abandoning journalistic principles of investigation for stenography of official press releases.
    Remember what a scandal it was some years back when it was found that a lot of news reporting was actually cut and paste commercial press releases?
    “We are journalists.
    We report the facts as we know them ” meaning “We accept without question what we are told by government agencies”
    I admire your patience in dealing with the diehards out there, using logic and fact, and never descending to insult .
    Good for you! and thanks again


  2. You are still way off base going at the media over the Mueller probe.
    The media didn’t conduct or initiate the Russia connection to Trump probe, they reported on its progress and speculated on known evidence as it turned up.
    You freely acknowledge that all sources contain bias and few would disagree with you, but you seem to be conflating anti Russian bias, seemingly part of every USian’s DNA and anti-Trump bias. If you are not, how did you sort them out?

    As for initiation of probe Comey sums it up quite pithily


  3. Richard, I don’t know where you got the idea I was claiming that the media conducted or initiated the Mueller investigation. I certainly have not implied that in any way.

    The investigation may be the only good thing that has come out of this hysteria. It was made necessary because of the promotion of an outlandish conspiracy theory by politicians, the corporate media, and a section of the intelligence community. Things could not have been left to develop simply at the media and propaganda level.

    For all its faults (and many of these faults are inevitable in the US) the Mueller probe has determined:

    “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

    But the video above shows how disgustingly the corporate media behaved in promoting this outlandish conspiracy theory and the Russiagate hysteria. They did this in lockstep with Clinton and the DNC. And they fooled large sections of the public.

    No, I am not conflating anti-Trump bias with anti-Russian bias. Again how did you get that idea? Clinton was the one who initiated the hysteria as the explanation of her failure. She blatantly and cynically used Russophobia (which has a long history). And I am not sure I have ever talked about anti-Trump bias. I personally despise the man, and I don’t think that is a bias. But so much of the US population let their attitude towards a politician get out of hand. Allowed their possibly justified hatred of the man lead to uncritically taking on board the outlandish conspiracy theory. Yes, I know that is a criticism of how so many people allow partisanship to interfere with their critical faculties. But they were assisted to neglect those faculties by the corporate media.


  4. David Fierstien

    Richard Christie writes, ” . . seemingly part of every USian’s DNA and anti-Trump bias.”

    Response: Thank you, Richard. Simply identifying citizens of the United States as Americans is one of my pet peeves. I laugh at patriotic flag-wavers who don’t even know the name of their own country. It says a lot about the educational system in the U.S.


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