Why the silence on censorship?

2022 is turning out to be a crap year – George Orwell would have been shocked. I guess reality is always different to predictions.

Wars, economic and financial mayhem, and widespread censorship are now our lot. And on top of the censorship, there is disinformation and fake news. How does the intelligent reader deal with disinformation if their access to a range of news sources is prevented by censorship?

However, what I find disturbing in all this is the lack of protest against censorship and disinformation. People seem to just lap it up. Perhaps it’s just an extreme case of confirmation bias fed by years of demonisation.

And it simply is not justified by a distant war. Russia and Ukraine as the warring nations can justify repression and censorship at home – but we can’t. We are not at war (at least formally – perhaps they haven’t told us yet).

Anyway, the censorship and disinformation started well before the war broke out. It seems to be part of reality now and the disgusting thing is people seem to accept it.

What happened to all our liberal values which we claimed were an overwhelming justification for our form of society?

We should take Asimov’s advice and actively search out the information denied to us by censorship. It may be the only information worth reading.


3 responses to “Why the silence on censorship?

  1. Ken, I realise you view Russia through rosey tinted glasses, but what Russia is doing to Ukraine is plain evil… Hence I’m not interested in your biased diatribe.


    Ron Law



  2. Not true to all. The only treatment I have for my glasses is polaroid.

    Destroying the neo-Nazi hold in Mariupol is far from evil.

    But are you happy with the censorship? That is what my post was about. The acceptance of censorship and the loss of other liberal human values is disgusting.


  3. Richard Christie

    Thanks for the article. I regard almost all information and analysis currently coming out of Ukraine and from corporate media in regard to the war and its origins with a copious degree of scepticism, including that clip.
    But that the Youtube clip is subject to such censorship, even if easily by-passable, illustrates your point.


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