A heartwarming story about a Ukrainian prisoner of war

After the incredibly sad story about the deaths of over 50 Ukrainian POWs in a Ukrainian missile attack on the prison they were housed in (see Over 50 POWs killed. A military accident or a cynical war crime?) I came across the heartwarming story about another Ukrainian POW.

It’s about a woman whose husband was captured in the fighting in Southeast Ukraine. She had done everything she could think of in Ukraine to get information on him and his status – with no help. She had travelled to Europe – still no help. Finally, she travelled to Moscow (where her mother lives) and from there to Donetsk in the DPR. The authorities there managed to locate her husband and there was a very heartwarming reunion.

In contrast journalists on a Ukrainian TV channel that interviewed her seemed to think she had no right to find out the fate of her husband and certainly had no right to travel to Donetsk to find him.

A couple of points of interest. This example shows how interrelated the Russian and Ukrainian people are – for them this war is a tragedy. Their experience also shows how Ukrainian youth have been kept ignorant about their country’s history. Her husband had to learn some of the facts from books during his time in prison. Also, it shows that many soldiers may be quite ignorant about the reasons for the war they are participating in.

Another interesting fact. I got this video from Anatoly Shariy’s YouTube channel. Shary was the head of a political party in Ukraine (the Party of Shariy which won 52 seats in the 2020 Council Elections) which was recently made illegal (like all the opposition parties there). He fled to Spain to avoid arrest and Ukraine is currently attempting to extradite him. Most opposition leaders currently face charges of treason – even the previous president Petro Poroshenko

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