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The Galileo fallacy and denigration of scientific consensus

It’s one mark of the significance of Galileo to scientific progress that many myths about him exist even today. He seems to still be a focal point in  present day debates between science and religion, pseudoscience and magical thinking. But … Continue reading

The Dawkins Delusions

Actually, some people call them the “Dawkins Tantrums.” There’s no doubt about it though – there is a controversy around Richard Dawkins. Just mention his name in the blogosphere and you get all sorts of extreme reactions. Almost always negative. … Continue reading

Secular charity

Anyone currently attached to social networking sites and applications will be aware of the huge groundswell of concern for the people of Haiti. Many people are searching for suitable agencies to channel their donations. In my accompanying post No gods … Continue reading

My favourite podcasts

I guess many people now download podcasts for easy listening while relaxing or exercising. I have listed my favourite and regular audio and video podcasts below. These seem to fill my time (and mp3 player) but I am always interesting … Continue reading

Scientific prejudice?

This was the last presentation at the recent Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark conference. Peter Atkins does upset some people. Although he is intentionally provocative (his presentation is entitled “Pride in Prejudice”), I think his science is sound. Atkins … Continue reading

Society’s fear of science

Here’s another video from the recent Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark conference. This time Lawrence Krauss discusses science and politics. Lawrence Krauss is always of good value. He is Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration … Continue reading

Climate change: the science – public disconnect

This is another video from the Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark are conference. I like it because it gives a good overview of the scientific consensus on climate change. It’s a counter to the popular concept that the claim … Continue reading

A naturalistic approach to human morality

There has been a bit of discussion about morality lately on several New Zealand blogs (see moral things, What’s So Great About Objective Morality?, My take on morality, Thinking Matters and Where do our morals come from?. This has tended … Continue reading

Candles in the dark

The Beyond Belief Conferences are becoming an annual event – the third conference occurring at the beginning of this month. The are a great source of new and stimulating material related to belief, reason and the popularising of science. Organised … Continue reading

Atheism and religious diversity III: Conflict between science and religion

The previous articles in this series discussed the attitudes towards religious diversity in New Zealand, a personal perspective of what atheism means and why it should not be separated from other beliefs when human rights are considered. This article deals … Continue reading