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Anti-fluoride campaigners exhaust their legal channels with another loss

NZ Supreme Court Building, Wellington The NZ Supreme Court has delivered its judgments and local anti-fluoride campaigners (and their big business supporters) seem to have come to the end of the line with their legal actions to prevent community water … Continue reading

“Filtering” out fluoride

Many anti-fluoride campaigners and their sympathisers use “filters” to remove fluoride from their tap water. Despite this, they will often claim the procedure is “too expensive” for the ordinary person – or that it is ineffective. Fluoride Free Nelson (FFN) combined both reasons in … Continue reading

Fluoridation – freedom of choice

I think the “freedom of choice” argument is the most reasonable argument that anti-fluoride campaigners can use. Unfortunately for them, they usually only resort to it after their “science-based” arguments have been exposed as misleading or completely false. And even … Continue reading

Searching articles on fluoride

Over the last few years I have often posted articles related to community water fluoridation (CWF), the scientific issues involved and the misinformation and distortions that inevitably go with the public discussion of the issue. The public debates go on, the claims … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Freedom of choice – and responsibility

Apparently a source of “fluoride-free” water provided by the Palmerston North City Council since last May has seen little use. Despite the council providing the “fluoride-free” public tap at the request of campaigners, the data on its use shows an average of … Continue reading

Social health policies, freedom of choice and responsibility

Social health policies inevitably raise the issue of the individual’s freedom of choice. While debates around these policies often concentrate on questions of fact, scientific consensus and reliability of evidence, these tend to be surrogates for the underlying values issues. To … Continue reading

Wishart misrepresents fluoride science to advance his extreme ideology

Seems if there is an anti-scientific bandwagon to climb on New Zealand’s own self-described “investigative journalist” just can’t help himself. Having self-published books on climate change (he denies the science) and evolution (he supports creationism) it shouldn’t be long before he … Continue reading

Fluoride debate: Response to Paul’s 6th article.

This is Ken Perrott’s response to Paul Connett’s last article Fluoridation debate: Against Fluoridation Thread. Part 6. For Paul Connett’s original article see – Fluoride debate Part 1: Connett. Discussion in comments section: The quality of the discussion in the … Continue reading

Fluoride Debate: Why I support fluoridation – response to Connett

This is Ken Perrott’s response to Paul Connett’s first criticisms of Ken’s article Fluoride debate: Why I support fluoridation – Response from Connett. For Ken Perrott’s original article see – Fluoride debate: Why I support fluoridation. First this issue of science … Continue reading

Fluoride debate: Why I support fluoridation

So far, our exchange has only covered some arguments against fluoridation and responses to those arguments. Some readers feel we should have started with me advancing the arguments for fluoridation. For example one commenter, Alison, said “readers haven’t had the … Continue reading