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Creationism’s tactical blunders

It’s been obvious for a long time that the creationist tactic of “evolution bashing” is counter-productive. Now a leading Christian apologist has recognised this and is calling for a change of tactics. Hugh Ross, from the creationist think tank Reasons … Continue reading

The wedge undermines Christianity

Because of the summer solstice/New Year holidays I am reposting some older articles. This one from last May. Back in 1999 Phillip E. Johnson, the godfather of intelligent design (ID), declared a strategy of labeling evolutionary science, and therefore by … Continue reading

Driving the wedge into Christianity

Back in 1999 Phillip E. Johnson, the godfather of intelligent design (ID), declared a strategy of labeling evolutionary science, and therefore by implication all of science, as atheistic. “The objective is to convince people that Darwinism is inherently atheistic, thus … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism and climate change

What is it with the intelligent design (ID) people and climate change? I can understand the attacks they make on evolutionary science. After all, that is meant to be there reason for existence. But why the attacks on the science … Continue reading

Intelligent design and depression

I am currently reading Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution,one of the main books advocating “intelligent design” (ID). It’s quite different to most other science books. Whereas I normally enjoy science books and find them … Continue reading

Religious opposition to “intelligent design”

In a previous post referring to the attack of intelligent design (ID) on society and religion (see Intelligent Design and the Threat to Christianity) I suggested that Christians “too often stand aside as if the conflict is not their problem.” … Continue reading

Intelligent design and the threat to Christianity

Intelligent design (ID) is not a scientific discipline. It’s a political, social and religious movement – and this is sometimes admitted by their spokespersons. For example, Phillip Johnson said in 1996: “This isn’t really, and never has been, a debate … Continue reading

Intelligent design and scientific method

The intelligent design movement (ID) is not a school of scientific research – more a political, social and religious movement. IDs initiator and main theological guru, Phillip Johnson, admitted this in 1996 when he said: “This isn’t really, and never … Continue reading

Christian problems with morality

Questions of morality and ethics figure highly in theist arguments against atheism. Questions like “Why are we moral?”, “Where does our morality come from?” and “How do we decide the correctness or otherwise of moral decisions?” Theist answers to these … Continue reading

Intelligent design – a war on science

Intelligent design (ID) and its defeat in the 2005 Dover trial, in Pennsylvania USA, are old news. It’s sad that we in New Zealand had to wait until Sunday evening to see the BBC documentary “A War on Science” which … Continue reading