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Christian co-option of karakia

In my post, European and Māori major non-believers in NZ, I posed the question: “I wonder if these non-religious Māori feel as offended as I do when a Christian prayer, disguised as a karakia, is imposed on them?” So, I was pleased to get … Continue reading

Christianity has hijacked human values

A short answer to a question often asked of atheists and other non-believers. Professor Jim Al Khalili points out that those people asking the question have got it the wrong way around  ‘Christian values have hijacked human values’ – Professor Jim … Continue reading

Christian ethics and Peter Singer

I am spending some time dealing with family business so I am reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few days. These could be useful with Christmas coming up. This book is a good read for anyone … Continue reading

A sensible Christian perspective on Peter Singer

Book review: Peter Singer and Christian Ethics: Beyond Polarization by Charles C. Camosy Price: US$25.75; Kindle US$16.80 Paperback: 286 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press (May 28, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0521149339 ISBN-13: 978-0521149334 We all “do” morality – its part … Continue reading

Why (some) Christians support discrimination

Here’s a speech by a Christian pastor which is actually worth watching. However, it requires a bit of patience as you must watch it through to the end to get the twist. Mind you, it’s only 3 min long – … Continue reading

Exposing the pretense of Christian unity

Thanks to:  Nathan Lee I sometimes think that moderate Christians are afraid to criticise their more extreme brethren. How many, for example, will openly criticise the large minority of Christians whe oppose evolutionary science. In New Zealand I estimate that … Continue reading

Christianity gave birth to science – a myth?

This theological myth seems to surface in any debate about the relationship between religion and science. It is the claim that Christianity gave birth to science. That modern science was not possible anywhere but in the European Christian culture. The … Continue reading

For Christian readers

The documentary Did Darwin Kill God? was broadcast last week on BB2 in the UK. It’s presented by theologian Conor Cunningham from the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, University of Nottingham. Despite the wonky title I was looking forward to … Continue reading

The wedge undermines Christianity

Because of the summer solstice/New Year holidays I am reposting some older articles. This one from last May. Back in 1999 Phillip E. Johnson, the godfather of intelligent design (ID), declared a strategy of labeling evolutionary science, and therefore by … Continue reading

Is New Zealand a Christian nation?

This question comes up from time to time. Those arguing that it is admit  the proportion of New Zealanders who are Christian is declining but claim it is still a majority. A recent survey commissioned by the Bible Society (Bible … Continue reading