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Curiosity’s historic comet photo

Photo Credit: Curiosity on Mars – NASA Rover Opportunity Views Comet Near Mars. According to NASA: NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity captured images of a comet passing much closer to Mars than any previous known comet flyby of Earth or Mars. … Continue reading

Curiosity sees a familiar “evening star.”

It’s enough to make one homesick. This view of Earth from Mars. Taken by the Mars rover Curiosity 80 minutes after sunset during the rover’s 529th Martian day (Jan. 31, 2014). This image includes the moon and this is obvious in … Continue reading

Phobos eclipses the sun – as seen by Curiosity

I find this fascinating – a short video of an eclipse of the sun by the largest Martian moon, Phobos. Photographed by Curiosity a rover/laboratory landed on Mars just over a year ago. Mars’ Moon Phobos Eclipses the Sun, as … Continue reading

Celebrate your curiosity – one year on

This week we mark the first anniversary of the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, in the Gale Crater on Mars. TV and video coverage of this landing had a huge international audience on the night. It was certainly … Continue reading

A sundial on Curiosity?

When I saw the first reports of this on Twitter I thought it was a joke. A sundial on Curiosity? Just in case the computer packs up they can still tell the time? I thought some wag was pulling our … Continue reading

Curiosity requires patience

The Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, lands today – hopefully (5:31 pm NZ time). But when will we know if the landing has been successful? Communication between Mars and Earth is hardly simple. It’s not just the time delays involved (currently … Continue reading

The problem with scepticism

Some readers may be aware I am being purposely provocative with this logo as it identifies the problem of extending the sceptical approach into the political sphere – emotions of identity and values. Image credit: RT America YouTube. Being a sceptic … Continue reading

Are you really right?

Great explanation of our different thinking processes by Julia Galef. Readers who listen to the Rationally Speaking podcast will recognise her. She describes the two different mindsets we have when approaching problems – calling them the “Warrior mindset” and the … Continue reading

Helping kids to wonder

This looks like a lovely present for your little ones – ideal for that special child’s christmas present. I Wonder by Annaka Harris. I mentioned this book when it was little more than a gleam in the author’s eye (see I … Continue reading

A Kiwi makes it to Mars!

Forget optical illusions like the human face on Mars. That was observed from orbit and you had to hold your mouth right – not to mention the light direction. But Curiosity is much closer to the ground. It has amazing … Continue reading