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The Galileo fallacy and denigration of scientific consensus

It’s one mark of the significance of Galileo to scientific progress that many myths about him exist even today. He seems to still be a focal point in  present day debates between science and religion, pseudoscience and magical thinking. But … Continue reading

What did Galileo ever do to you?

I ask this because some of those who write about Galileo on the internet seem to have a  real grudge against the guy. A personal grudge – judging from the emotion in their writing. Now I am not saying Galileo … Continue reading

Galileo’s modern critics

What is it with some philosophical and historical commenters who take sides against Galileo in his 17th century dispute with the Church? Perhaps because we now have many documents from that period (17th century) – including Galileo’s original writings, official … Continue reading

Galileo’s revolutionary contribution

In An interesting question Thony C at The Renaissance Mathematicus responded to a comment at my post, Early history of science, with his own blog article. While it  mainly discusses the nature of censorship I would like to respond to … Continue reading

The Galileo myths

For a while there I had wondered if I was the only one who noticed the current attempts of theistically motivated historians and philosophers to rewrite the history of the Galileo affair. But no, greater minds have come to a … Continue reading

Galileo and Hollywood

I have always enjoyed Carolyn Porco‘s talks. She is the director of CICLOPS, the Cassini Imaging Science Team. Cassini is currently in orbit around Saturn. In this talk given at the AAI 2009 Convention she covers some interesting topics (see … Continue reading

Einstein on Galileo’s contribution

Some religious apologists just can’t leave Galileo alone. They are unhappy about the fact that most people accept that the Church behaved badly in sentencing Galileo for heresy. (He got house arrest for the rest of his life and bans … Continue reading

The Galileo Lectures

I usually enjoy the NZ Royal Society Lectures. This year we have had the Galileo Lectures to mark the International Year of Astronomy. Here are the description of the six lectures, together with links to download the podcasts. Taken from: … Continue reading

Galileo, Darwin and the new enlightenment

Here are two interesting talks in Wellington next Sunday? 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm, Sunday 25 October 2009 Mezzanine Floor, Wellington Central Library

Where is Galileo?

There is a lot going on this year to engage those of us interested in science. The 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book “The Origin of Species” is being celebrated … Continue reading