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Blogging for New Zealand

Picked up the press release last night. Seems to be for a good cause – the recovery of New Zealand and the Christchurch region after the tragic earthquake of February 22. Specifically this is aimed at the tourist industry and … Continue reading

Is New Zealand ripe for science blogging?

Yes. I say this because of the science funding reforms of the 1990s – particularly as they effected the Crown Research Institutes. For better or worse (and it was both better and worse) the change in science funding forced scientists … Continue reading

Science blogging in New Zealand

Science communication, specifically science blogging, is the topic of an international conference in London later this month*. I wonder how many New Zealanders will attend. I hope some do as science communication is a real problem in New Zealand. There … Continue reading

New science bloggers wanted for Sciblogs 2.0

Sciblogs 2.0 coming soon After nearly six years in operation, Australasia’s largest blog network is getting a facelift and some fresh voices. Sciblogs features commentary from around 30 scientists and science writers and is consistently ranked among the country’s top … Continue reading

New science blogs in New Zealand

This last week has seen the entry of three new science bloggers onto the New Zealand scene. Or more specifically the SciBlogs NZ scene. Southern Genes is the blog of Genetics Otago. It has members, and hence contributors, from University … Continue reading

Journeys to the Ice – New SciBlogsNZ blogger

Welcome to Matt Woods, who is now blogging at sciblogsNZ. Matt spent some time working in Antarctica on an ice coring reconnaissance expedition. His blog, Journeys to the Ice, will cover Antarctica and Antarctic science. Matt has also started a … Continue reading

Science communication in New Zealand

Here’s an interesting discussion from TVNZ’s Media7 programme (see video below). A discussion on the problems and issues with science communication in New Zealand. Russel Brown discusses this with the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, the … Continue reading

NZ science bloggers – new opportunity

The NZ Science Media Centre will soon launch a blogging platform for New Zealand scientists. A site has been parked at NZ sciblogs for this. Initially some of those scientists currently blogging, as well as new people keen to get into … Continue reading

Kiwi Science Blogging

Cr!key Creek has a post on science blogging in New Zealand (see Kiwi Science Blogging.). He says we should have more of them – I endorse that. And The Chicken or the Egg blog has a round-up of NZ science … Continue reading

Science blogging prize

Phil Plait points our (A new blog prize: the Quarks!) that science blogs have been under-represented in annual blog awards. So he is welcoming the announcement from 3 Quarks Daily of four annual blog prizes. They are for Science, Arts … Continue reading