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Pinker on morality

Jerry Coyne, the author of Why Evolution Is True, has posted an interesting comment from Steve Pinker on his blog (see Steven Pinker’s take on the material mind). I will just quote here the section where Pinker comments on the … Continue reading

Sense on evolutionary psychology.

Controversy around Rebecca Watson’s recent talk on pop-psychology and media presentation of evolutionary psychology is probably having a least one positive side effect (see  Sceptical arrogance and evolutionary psychology and Sceptical humility and peer review in science). There’s now more discussion on … Continue reading

Christmas present for nerds – what about science books?

Every family has members who enjoy reading non-fiction. And often they particularly enjoy science books. So there’s an idea for Christmas presents. Fortunately, this weeks announcement of the Royal Society’s Winton Prize for Science Books presents some excellent choices for … Continue reading

Ranking human conflicts and tyrannies

In my debates with some theists over the nature of human morality I am sometimes accused of being utopian. Of only seeing a good side to human nature. Ignoring the history of violence and persecution. Maybe it’s just a matter … Continue reading

Answering questions on morality

I want to spend a few posts answering some of the questions commenters have raised on my science of morality articles here and at the SciBlogs syndicated version (Open Parachute@ SciBlogs). See, for example, Foundations of human morality. Those articles represent … Continue reading

Certainty is useless – a scientific concept

Each year John Brockman, the founder EDGE poses a question to a large number of public thinkers. He collects and publishes the answers – firstly on The Edge World Question Center website and then usually in book form. This year … Continue reading

Culture and the scientific renaissance

Book review: Science Is Culture: Conversations at the New Intersection of Science + Society Edited by Adam Bly Price: US$10.87; NZ$26.99 Paperback: 368 pages Publisher: Harper Perennial; Original edition (October 12, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 0061836540 ISBN-13: 978-0061836541 Adam Bly … Continue reading

Science and morality – a panel discussion

This is the panel discussion at the Great debate “Can Science tell us Right from Wrong?” (See Telling right from wrong? for more details of this debate and workshop). The panel includes Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, Patricia Churchland, Lawrence Krauss, … Continue reading

Telling right from wrong – unreligiously

Stephen Pinker participated in the Great debate “Can Science tell us Right from Wrong?” (See Telling right from wrong? for more details of this debate and workshop). His answer to the question was “Yes and No!” His wasn’t placing a … Continue reading

“Other ways of knowing” purpose?

A recent panel discussion in Mexico debated the question “Does the universe have a purpose?” The speakers for the affirmative were Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig and Douglas Geivett. And for the negative Matt Ridley, Michael Shermer and Richard … Continue reading