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Agnostic/atheist labels

I get annoyed with people who won’t accept how I describe myself. Those who respond to my self-description as an atheist by saying: “No you’re not. You’re an agnostic.” It’s interesting that this response usually comes from theists – and … Continue reading

The Atheist Blogroll

  The internet has provided a freedom for atheist expression which is either denied or restricted in most societies. Consequently there is now a large atheist presence in the form of weblogs. MoJoe, at Deep thoughts has been providing an … Continue reading

Agnostics – what do they stand for?

I have been told that agnosticism is “the only intellectually ’safe’ position,” that it is honest because it says “we can’t know,” it acknowledges that it is impossible to know if a god exists or not. I disagree. I know … Continue reading

The atheist wars?

There are surprisingly few conflicts between atheists. Certainly, nothing like the “clash of civilisations” currently raging amongst theists. Perhaps this is because non-theists seem to feel little need to organise into groups. As Richard Dawkins says, organising atheists is like … Continue reading

Naturalism and science are incompatible

Well, that’s what the Christian apologist philosopher Alvin Plantinga claims. And he has written a book to “prove” it – Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism. Apparently its required reading for students of theology and the philosophy of … Continue reading

Martydom of the priveliged

It never ceases to amaze me how some people who have gained a privilege through an accident of history will whine and moan when they fear their privileges may be removed. We saw this recently in local politics when the … Continue reading

Secular democracy and its critics

“Secularism” and “secular”are very much maligned words. Partly because they are not really understood by some people. But also because some religious people feel threatened by the words. But they shouldn’t. Despite some attempts to equate the words with atheism … Continue reading

Confronting accomodationism

Or is it accommodating confrontationism? I guess it depends on the image you wish to portray. I have followed the accomodationism vs confrontationism (or “new atheism,” or “gnus”) debate among US atheist and science bloggers with interest. Mainly because I … Continue reading

Acceptance of science – dangerous for some

In the UK The Independent is reporting that a Muslim scientist is being threatened for his acceptance of evolutionary science (see Scientist Imam threatened over Darwinist views). The scientist is Dr Usama Hasan, a physics lecturer at Middlesex University and … Continue reading

Secularism is important

Book Review: The Secular Outlook: In Defense of Moral and Political Secularism by Paul Cliteur Price: US$26.95; NZ$53.97 Paperback: 328 pages Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (September 7, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1444335219 ISBN-13: 978-1444335217 It’s funny how some people allow their emotional … Continue reading