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The Archbishop’s straw man

It has become rather popular for theologians to talk about the ‘limits of science’. That, in itself is not objectionable – after all many scientists also talk about its limitations. The objectionable part is when theologians do this as a … Continue reading

Defeat for imposed prayer

Non-consensual religious ceremony has always offended me so I am pleased to see this victory for human rights  – unfortunately, in the UK, not NZ. But the case is relevant. The UK National Secular Society (NSS) challenged prayers in local … Continue reading

Historical fiction

Sometimes a historical fiction by a good and responsible author can be very informative. Of course one should always check reliable sources for details. But a good author can do a lot of that research for you. And they can … Continue reading

From “Grand Design” to “On Being”

In recent months Stephen Hawking has been “fair game” for theologians, philosophers of religion and even some philosophers of science. Basically because of pre-publication publicity around his book (with co-author Leonard Mlodinow)  The Grand Design . I suggested this attention … Continue reading

The Grand Design – neither God nor 42

It seems that God, or more correctly disbelief in God, sells books. In recent years anyway. Perhaps since the religiously motivated terrorist attacks in New York nine years ago this week. So one can hardly blame the publishers for jumping … Continue reading

Theological intrusions into science

It’s no secret. I have no time for theology. I try to stay away from debates about existence of gods as I think it is a mug’s game. Evidence gets distorted or invented. And logic gets skewed. The UK Humanist … Continue reading

Hand of God

I watched the documentary Hand of God the other night. It left me deeply angry. The film was made by Joe Cultrera and documents the sexual abuse suffered by his brother Paul as a child. The abuser was the Catholic … Continue reading

Let’s celebrate!

From The Sensuous Curmudgeon this post raises an interesting thought for me; He writes in Born 23 October 4004 BC — Happy Birthday, Universe!: “According to the Ussher chronology, computed in the 1650s from a literal reading of the Bible … Continue reading

Religious attitudes to knowledge

I have been vaguely aware of a mild controversy around the newly-released film The Golden Compass but didn’t pay much attention until I heard an interview with with Philip Pullman, the author of the book the film is based on. … Continue reading

For the glory of God

Many of the critics of the “New Atheist” books claim they attack a “straw-man” religion – that they describe an extremist, minor religious faction and then use this to characterise and attack all religion. Bishop Randerson in New Zealand, for … Continue reading