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Facts, beliefs and delusions

Here are some memes I have come across lately. It’s amazing how people will fight to protect dearly held beliefs against obvious evidence. And it is amazing how strong beliefs can actually influence what we see – or what we think … Continue reading

Science – a method of investigation, not a belief system

Love this tweet from John Cleese. There is the obvious point about “belief.” Many people seem to think the scientific knowledge is a matter of belief and, in their eyes, something that can be subjectively chosen. That is ridiculous. But … Continue reading

Freedom of religion and belief – not a license to interfere with others

This is so relevant. I am all for freedom of religion and belief – but that does not give adherents of these religions or beliefs the right to interfere with my life. And, seriously, if I demand my right of … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Beliefs about safety and benefits

Most people in the US believe  community water fluoridation (CWF) is safe and beneficial. Mork & Griffin (2015) report these  findings from a 2009 health survey in a new paper: Mork, N., & Griffin, S. (2015). Perceived safety and benefit … Continue reading

Science and belief

As long as it agrees with, or can be interpreted to agree with, one’s beliefs.  

From evolution to belief

How reliable do you think your cognitive facilities are? Your eyes, ears, etc? Your brain,  memory and mental processes? According to philosopher of religion Alvin Plantinga, not very good. He asserts any belief you form using these facilities is as … Continue reading

Scientific knowledge should trump “belief”

I have listened to a few discussions on the Christian Radio Rhema recently. Unusual for me, I know, but I have followed the current controversy around the problem of religious instruction in New Zealand public schools. This issue has been … Continue reading

Belief and morality

We humans are mentally very complex – and often contradictory in our beliefs and actions. This must be a real problem for sociologists who often rely on surveys and self-reporting of beliefs. I have often wondered about the reliability and … Continue reading

Converting beliefs to “truths”

Michael Shermer‘s latest book looks interesting – The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies—How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths. Chris Mooney interviews him about the book in the latest Point of Inquiry podcast … Continue reading

Belief and social identity

Glenn, at “Say Hello to my Little Friend” has a very useful post on a Christian perspective of open-mindedness (Scepticism, Open Mindedness and Mistrust). I think this perspecitve is not just a Chrsitian one. It is one that I recognise … Continue reading